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Modern Abstract Art

Mojarto Team Last Updated On : 18th Jan 2021

Modern abstract art paintings or sculptures do not portray a specific thing, person or place but its appearance is rather overstated and indistinct. What you see is the vivid strokes of the brush, strange shapes and loudly stated colors. Modern abstract art originated in Russia in about 1911 and the popular artist who put forth his work is known as Wassily Kandinsky. His belief was that hues and shades induced sentiments in people. Green to him was a symbol of internal forte and tranquility while red indicated confidence and the sense of being alive.


Landscape By A.R.Ramesh

Blue depicts a sense of depth and the paranormal while white though silent, spoke of the potential. Yellow denoted wildness and an electro active mind which was both warm and disturbed. He felt resonance too in these spates of colors. Modern abstract art really is a device to reveal, resolve or articulate your emotions and perceptions. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is not bound by any rules, limits or styles and to regard it as generically pretty is not possible.

Space (Series) By Gulrez Ali

Space (Series) By Gulrez Ali

Modern abstract art paintings are interpreted by each person differently. What to you may seem like the rays of the sun brightening the fields, may appear to another as ropes to tie you down. The abstract artist too is often bewildered by his own production. As someone has correctly said that modern abstract art depicts the frenzy of the artist and unless you can appreciate such artworks, they may seem Greek to you. Modern abstract art paintings have always been treated harshly by the orthodox and conventional art lovers.

Celebration Iii By Punkaj Manav

Celebration Iii By Punkaj Manav

The artist is merely showcasing his inner feelings and sentiments which may have been influenced by various factors such as the environment in which he grew up, the political or economic state of his country or other instances which have had a bearing in his life. The modern abstract artist is a free thinker and just because someone can get it, is no reason to trash it a large. You don’t comprehend so much about medical advancement yet you quickly grab the medicine which will heal you; in the same fashion modern abstract art has its own queues of lovers who appreciate the connotations arising from each piece.

Untitled By Rajesh Ambalkar

Untitled By Rajesh Ambalkar

To put it simply, the brave and the bold that let their feelings flow via the mediums of texture, colors, grids and forms. To paint by your gut and instinct is a passion honestly executed and whether it is well admired or hugely criticized, your call is personal. The charm of modern abstract art exists in our daily lives. Do you realize that the pebbles on the ground or the trees in front of your home too are a form of abstract art? The only difference of course lies in the fact that a name has been given to it but its growth patterns cannot be controlled by you. Today, you as an art lover or an art collector have moved your focus to the online art galleries. The artists too realize that this is their tomorrow since it is the perfect platform for them to show case their gorgeous modern art paintings abstract to thousands of people. Where else can they possibly find such a large audience to merely witness or even purchase their artworks. To buy abstract art online is a judicious step as here you can browse through a wide array of modern abstract art paintings or even original modern art. The prices are fairly competitive and with a smart eye, you could clinch upon spectacular and affordable artwork.

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