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Manu Singh Makes Us Fly On The Wings Of Imagination

Team Mojarto 25th Apr 2020

Manu Singh is one of the most promising contemporary artists of our times and her work is largely figurative with surrealistic qualities. She does not restrict the kind of media that she chooses but uses familiar imagery juxtaposed with fantasy. Her work is woven around human aspirations and ordeals and meant to be inspirational. Here’s a look at some of her work:

1. Why self-absorption hinders our growth

Shadow By Manu Singh

Shadow By Manu Singh
Having a pair of wings is a common fantasy! The protagonist, in this painting titled, ‘Shadow’ is peering at her reflection, oblivious to the fact that a pair of wings that the person has been craving for her are waiting at the back. Self-absorption like Narcissus will make one lose out on the bigger opportunities that will make one soar. This acrylic on canvas has a soft, dreamy feel that conveys a searing message.

2. Why journeys are never easy

Scissors On The Rope By Manu Singh

Scissors On The Rope By Manu Singh
The wooden horse to Manu Singh is a throwback to her childhood days when the ‘horse’ took her to several imaginary magical destinations.  In ‘Scissors on a Rope’, the wooden horse is used to symbolise each person moving tirelessly towards its goal despite obstacles, signified by the pair of scissors. Every day is like walking on a tightrope judiciously balancing diverse aspects of our lives despite obstacles. This is an ode to the courage that all of us possess.

3. Hands that radiate sheer determination

Hands By Manu Singh

Hands By Manu Singh
The hands clutching a rope tight make a powerful visual impact, and here it symbolises the artist’s belief in human aspirations, desire for freedom and positive acts that involve both the body and mind. Predominantly in black, white and grey shades, this mixed-media on canvas titled ‘Hands’ is characterised by strong energy-filled strokes.

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