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Mandala Art And The Inner Spiritual Journey

Team Mojarto 31st Mar 2020

The word ‘mandala’ in Sanskrit means ‘circle’ and has remained a spiritual symbol in Asian culture for many centuries. Mandalas are usually circles which have been contained within a square and then arranged into segments that radiate around a single, central point. They could be seen as a visual representation of the universe or as an inner guide to practices such as meditation. Inspired by the spirit of mandalas, Mandala Art has evolved as a medium of its own.

Making the soul connect

Mandala A Soul Connection Series 8 By Nitu Chhajer

Mandala A Soul Connection Series 8 By Nitu Chhajer
This beautiful work is predominantly based on flame colours. The central part is occupied by a tree that reflects the profound connection we share with nature or the creator. The whole work is covered with flowers, leaves and a range of patterns, which make it visually rich and appealing.

Attract positive energy with mandala

Rp006 Sri Yantra By Dr. Bharati Mate

Rp006 Sri Yantra By Dr. Bharati Mate
The Sri Yantra is a traditional mystical diagram where nine interlocking triangles are created surrounding a central point known as a ‘bindu’. These represent the cosmos and the human body. Dr. Bharati Mate has recreated this as a dry Rangavali Fresco on canvas. Rangavali is a 5000-year-old folk art and she continues the tradition. This work is not just colourful and bright, it comes with a lot of spiritual significance and generates positive energy bestowing one with health, wealth and happiness.

Magic of mandalas

Mandala Series No. 04 By Sumit Mehndiratta

Mandala Series No. 04 By Sumit Mehndiratta
The novelty of this work grabs your attention first – 25 mandalas on stainless steel bowls lined up to form a coherent work. The powerful illusions created by decorative mandalas and how they shine out through their circular geometric pattern is what creates the impact. Definitely an attention-grabber!




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