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Making Space

A review of the exhibition ‘Making Space’ that is being held from September 19 to October 19, 2019 at Space 118 in Mumbai.

Tarini Sethi, In this House our Secrets Lie, In on Paper, 32″ x 27″. All Images Courtesy of the Artists and Space 118, Mumbai.

‘The usage of a studio is a personal and intimate experience for artists – acting as a playground, laboratory or even sanctum,’ said Saloni Doshi, curator and owner of Space 118. Completing ten incredible years as a residency space, Space 118 has collaborated with Sakshi Gallery to celebrate this momentous occasion with the exhibition aptly titled Making Space. Featuring emerging artists, all prior residents of the space, the exhibition showcases a fantastic spectrum of work.

Maripelly Praveen, Discovered lines turned as Maps, Borders, Places, Drawing on crumpled paper, 11″ x 16″, 2018. All Images Courtesy of the Artists and Space 118, Mumbai.
A gentle thread of visual even-ness runs through the artworks, but they are incredibly varied in medium, approach, concept and execution. Be it the unwrapped structures of dilapidated buildings or the electric, almost neon like sculptures of thread work, the show engages the viewer both visually and conceptually. ‘Over the years, several ideas, art works, art forms, practices, techniques, materials and methods have been discovered, learnt and un-learnt at the studios. It is this new body of work that I seek to show in this curated exhibition of 33 artists as well as chart their specific journeys. It is the very essence of what a studio term brings to the mental framework of artists and the experimentation of the same that I aim to bring out,’ said Doshi.

Mustafa Khanbhai, Babel 1, Composite photograph on archival paper, 11.5″ x 20″, 2018. All Images Courtesy of the Artists and Space 118, Mumbai.
Over the past decade, Space 118 that began as a studio space for artists and grew into a residency, has hosted over 300 artists from all over the world. Committed to being inclusive and supportive of diversity, Space 118 has come to represent a dynamic space for exchange of ideas and experiences, and this exhibition is no different. ‘All proceeds from sales of the works in the exhibition will go to the artists and towards the publication of the book, Mapping Residencies in India – Post Independence that I have been researching for the past seven years. During this process, I realised that the pioneers in offering residencies in India were people such as the Sarabhai Family in Ahmedabad and Bhulabhai Desai family in Mumbai, whose dedicated efforts have gone deep down in creating an art ecosystem in this country,’ said Doshi.

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