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Limitless Creativity: Taking Art Beyond The Canvas

Saloni Pareek 27th Nov 2019

Artists are forever in pursuit of exploring novelty in their art, be it in terms of their expression, style or mediums.  

Here we bring you a collection of artists who question the traditional ways of artistic expression and get creative with various materials to express their thoughts.

1) Art on Postcard

Owl 1 By Dolly Agarwal

Owl 1 by Dolly Agarwal

This mix and match of a unique style of using a postcard as a canvas speaks volumes about the creativity of this young Kolkata based artist, Dolly Agarwal.

2) Art on Wood

Untitled By Ramesh Gorjala

Untitled by Ramesh Gorjala

Ramesh Gorajala uses wood than traditional canvas to portray mythological episodes in his trademark style. His pallette is dominated with red, gold and green giving a rich aesthetic to his painting.

3) Art on Stamp

Old Is Gold by Malchand Pareek

Old Is Gold by Malchand Pareek

Here Malchand Pareek, uses old revenue stamp as a symbol of power and authority and uses it as a backdrop for his art to showcase socio-political changes. His motive is to communicate the dreams, aspirations, expectations, and disappointments of the common man through his art.

4) Digital Art

Project Series by Masuram Ravikanth

Project Series by Masuram Ravikanth

Masuram Ravikanth, an artist from Andhra Pradesh, brings life to royal portraits from the history of the subcontinent by adding a creative element with his digital art. He adds a modern element to existing vintage photographs and showcases a contrast between history and the post-modern era which is what makes his works so interesting to look at.

5) Conceptual Art

Nest by Janarthanan R

Nest by Janarthanan R

Janarthanan R, explores the idea of ‘self’ on a physical and metaphorical level, through conceptual art on different mediums. For this artwork, he found his inspiration in a bird’s nest.  He draws a parallel symmetry with humans and the nest and its layers. The artwork is created using formed paper in a unique paper cutting technique.

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