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8 Reasons Why There Is A Hanging Light For Everybody

Saiyam Khosla 17th Jan 2018

As they say in the fashion industry, the secret to beauty is the right lighting, and we couldn't agree more. Lights make a big difference to not just your image but also to your home. Hanging lights in particular have a special charm that goes unmatched. We bring to you our eight favorites to help you get that radiant glow:

1. For The Quiet Corner

Rudraksh Hanging Light Luner Ceiling Lamp By Sahil & Sarthak

Rudraksh Hanging Light Luner By Sahil & Sarthak

Inspired by the texture and form of a Rudraksh bead, a symbol of spirituality in the Indian context, this mood light, handcrafted in brass, is perfect for quiet corners that demand attention yet want to be hidden.

2. For The Bedroom

Copper Pendant Ceiling Lamp Ceiling Lamp By Cellar Door

Copper Pendant Ceiling Lamp By Cellar Door

Bedrooms are private and should actually have multiple light options to suit your exact mood. Try this metal, etched pendant light for soft, ambient lighting. The intricate pattern on the surface creates quite a spell. Can be used singularly or with multiple units to add a dramatic effect. Just make sure the placement is bang on, too low or too high will destroy its feel.

3. For The Kid's Room

Poppadum Art Kettle Lamp Orange By Poppadum Art

There are lamps and then there are our kettle lamps. These classic aluminum kettles re-purposed to brighten any space are bound to make your kids jump with joy. Designed for easy installation and to give you ample light, this one is a must-have.

4. For The Living Room

Poppadum Art Jam Lamp Technicolor Ceiling Lamp By Poppadum Art

Poppadum Art Jam Lamp Technic By Poppadum Art

Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Green Apple, and Snozzberry (no that last one isn’t real Willy Wonka) - The coolest new lamps come in a set of 5 lip-smacking colors. Made from jam bottles, these lights serve both as mood lights and as decor pieces at the same time. Get your disco feel on!

5. For When All You Want Is Yourself

Nordic Conical Midnight Gold Industrial Pendant Ceiling Lamp By The Black Steel

Nordic Conical Midnight Gold Industrial Pendant By The Black Steel

Place this industrial lamp with a class of gold wash on a textured wall and watch it turn into a mesmerising piece of art. Endlessly bask in its glow and perhaps your wildest and most implausible dreams will come true, at least in the moment.

6. When You Miss Glamour

Diamond Pendant Ceiling Lights Ceiling Lamp By Cellar Door

Diamond Pendant Ceiling Lights By Cellar Door

Diamonds are forever and so is this diamond pendant lamp from Cellar Door. Add sparkle to your life by hanging a set in your home. It really is that simple. After all, diamonds are a home’s best friend.

7. When You Need Focus

Jelly Fish Lamp Ceiling Lamp By Sahil & Sarthak

Jelly Fish Lamp By Sahil & Sarthak

Part of Sahil and Saarthak's, '”Jewels of the Sea” collection, this lamp is inspired by jellyfish. Certain species of the fish are bioluminescent, meaning they glow naturally in the absence of light. LED lights have a similar effect. Handmade in brass, this one is perfect for a moment when you need nothing but to focus on a single thought.

8. When You Need No Lights

Mayur Lamp Ceiling Lamp By Sahil & Sarthak

Mayur Lamp By Sahil & Sarthak

We've all had moments when we locked ourselves up in the room wanting no light only to wish for something subtle. Get this classic Mayur lamp for those exact moments. Modeled on bronze-age jewellery, this beauty shows the precise Harappan finish it is inspired by.

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