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K R Santhanakrishnan’s Fascination With Doors

Most artists spend their entire lives trying to create a unique style for themselves, but for some there is that one object that instantly and eternally captures their attention as well as passion. For K R Santhanakrishnan, doors are the “most vital aspect of homes” that continually feed his imagination and creativity.

“I know and believe that a door speaks volumes. It can either be wide open inviting you in with warmth and happiness or it can be closed in cold unhappiness and hide a million secrets. A door says words that man cannot say.”

Santhana Krishnan’s doors are an expression of his personal thoughts as well as a subtle commentary on the Indian society and its functioning. In these almost hyper realistic paintings, he highlights some very intimate details about the surrounding that inspire him. These details normally escape our notice but in his paintings, play a role much bigger than just their existence. They depict the lives of the people living behind these doors. The artist firmly believes in treasuring our culture and heritage and is successfully doing so with his visual narratives.

“Some of my doors open into an interior with tulsi tharas in the inner courtyards the closed doors with a huge lock and faded house numbers. Through this I depict the lives of the people living behind these doors.Most of my doors are not from urbanized cities but from the rural homes that I grew up watching every day.”

Santhana Krishnan has opened multiple layers and spaces figuratively as well as metaphorically through these concentrated and symbolic paintings and continues to do so. His paintings are complex yet seem very close to home, literally and conceptually.

“My passion for representing doors through the visual medium is to keep alive our heritage and tradition. Equally my intensity of my approach towards this theme demands that I be recognized as Door Santhanam”.

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