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Stripped Back To The Pure Form: 5 Industrial Home Décor Accessories

Sukriti Dubey 21st Feb 2018

An aesthetic that used to be popular with garages and factories converted into lofts, industrial home styling has now become a part of the mainstream décor scene. Whether it is the appeal of exposed metals and bricks you like or the edgy home accessories, this affordable style is a perfect breakaway from everyday monotony.

This bold style of décor gets its utilitarian and sophisticated appeal from the warm, worn textures and contemporary designs. You can either go all out and bare the pipes, fixtures and bricks or play it safe by incorporating a few edgy décor highlights like industrial lamps. These pieces give out the look of fixtures seen in 1900s, in the past industries. Keep scrolling to find inspiration for your next décor project!

1. Candle Holder

Candle in itself is a beautiful piece of décor for its soothing effects and warm glow but when combined with a clean and sophisticated holder, it makes for a great home accessory. The holder takes inspiration from pipes and cisterns, giving it a sturdy look with black matte finishing.

Solitary Industrial Candle Holder Wall Decor By The Black Steel

Solitary Industrial Candle Holder By The Black Steel

2. Industrial Floor Lamp

Most of us have always picked up lighting that is more functional than unique. If you are a little bored of having the same kind of lamps everywhere you go and have a creative itch to scratch, go for crafted lighting that uses industrial materials. These are a fun element to add to any space, be it the office or the home!

Robo Floor Lamp Industrial Table Lamp By The Black Steel

Robo Floor Lamp Industrial By The Black Steel

3. Desk Lamp

This desk lamp is like no other! A chic combination of design and utility, this copper table lamp will instantly give your workspace a makeover. Plus, anything in the copper shade is always a win!

Copper Cu29 Industrial Desk Lamp Table Lamp By The Black Steel

Copper Cu29 Industrial Desk Lamp By The Black Steel

4. Flywheel Lamp

Definitely an effortless statement piece, this lamp is an innovative take on table fans from the 20th century. Transform any corner or even the complete look of any space with this minimally designed lamp. Painted in matte black, the lamp comes with a set of 5 bulbs.

Cinq Industrial Flywheel Lamp Floor Lamp By The Black Steel

Cinq Industrial Flywheel Lamp By The Black Steel

5. Sprocket Wheel Lamp

Industrial style is all about showcasing the structural skeleton by stripping back objects to their essentials, the pure form which reflects hardworking aesthetics. These pieces revoke a sense of nostalgia. The lamp is made up of a strapping combination of cast and wrought iron, with cold rolled iron sheet as the protective shade, giving its components the brawny power which boasts of long term commitment.

The Sprocket Wheel Industrial Lamp V2.0 Table Lamp By The Black Steel

The Sprocket Wheel Industrial Lamp V2.0 By The Black Steel

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