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Indian Paintings

Mojarto Team 31st Oct 2011

Art, in its diverse styles has been admired by thousands of people across the globe since olden times. At one time, the royalty literally had copyright of possessing paintings and artworks. However, this concept changed gradually when the rich people too started to purchase paintings to decorate their homes. All in all it had a pretty elitist stature; but that concept is now age old and paintings are now occupying place in even the homes of the middle class. Education, evolution and exposure have made the world at large aware of the beauty, expression and meaning of art. Investment too is a prime reason today since paintings have escalated in value and often changed hands from one buyer to another. Indian paintings are gaining impetus on the international level and though the westerners often regard it as overtly sensuous and elaborate, with deeper understanding, several people want to buy the same.

Indian art is considered to be acquired taste which is just fine since there is so much depth in the culture, and if you are enthusiastic to learn, you will relish Indian paintings with gusto. These can be categorized into particular eras and each period echoes detailed political, cultural and religious advancements. These are the Ancient, Mughal, Colonial, Independence and the Post Independence phases. The miniatures and murals are the two broad classifications of Indian paintings. While the Indian painters created murals on huge planes like the Ajanta and Ellora caves, the miniatures are accomplished on small and perishable materials. The Indian paintings are created in different styles like Madhubani, Warli, Pahari, Kalamkari, Tanjore, Natural dyes etc. India is a vast country with diverse dialects. The various traditions, customs, rituals and locations have impacted the works of the Indian painter. Indian paintings in your home help you to feel and sense real India. The themes of Indian paintings often centre on the epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The characteristics of Mother Nature like the moon, sun, trees, rivers and plants too are depicted in various forms by the Indian painter. They have used bright and vivacious colours to liven their paintings and most of these colours are a resultant of natural materials such as mud pots, earthen walls, cloth, leaves and flowers in order to give a natural and raw look to their artwork. Internet and the advancement of technology have made it possible for you to source Indian paintings from any corner of the country. The Indian painters have come of age are savvy now; they have displayed their works with the Indian art galleries online. Sitting in New-York, you can adorn your abode with spectacular Tanjore paintings of South India without having to physically make the effort. The Internet has made the world small and accessible and what you order, is shipped free of cost to your doorstep. Affordable art online is an added benefit; there is immense competition with the growing number of established and upcoming artists. Also, the portals have to incur minimalist expenditures for maintaining their sites. These are the reasons that you can purchase affordable paintings which do not pinch your pocket and also add the necessary glamour to your home.


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