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India Design 2018: A Pallet Full of Design, Décor and Ideas.

Namrata Dutta 25th Feb 2018

All you design and décor zealots, hold your ground tight as India Design ID is back. Bringing out 120 exhibitors from India and across the world, India Design ID is a one stop destination to come and experience the fresh, innovative ideas on architecture, décor, and interiors. From showcasing home decoration accessories, to great architects and creative luminaries, participating in panel discussions, interactive sessions, and debates on design, India Design ID has pitched a roof at NSIC Ground from 22nd to 25th February.

Here are some of the brands and galleries participating at ID 2018:

1.Alex Davis

One of the first to exhibit collections of interior and exterior spaces, Alex Davis is an artist and designer who has set a benchmark for original and contemporary design. Showcasing his work through solo shows in various art galleries, he also runs an interior design store called the Indi Store in Delhi.

Poppy Set Of 3 Artifact By Alex Davis

 Poppy Set Of byAlex Davis

2. Aranya Earthcrafts

Using 17th century material known as the papier-maché for interior utility and decorative products, Aranya Earthcrafts products are inspired by nature and catch different moods of human, using leaf, twig, and stone.

3. AnanTaya

Based in Jaipur, AnanTaya is a lifestyle design studio of Ayush and Geetanjali Kasliwal.Ingrained with ancient craft practices, AnanTaya makes accessories, textiles, lights, furniture etc.

Cu Stone Candlestand L Y Candle Stand By Anan Taya

Cu Stone Candlestand S Y By Anan Taya

4.Jaipur Rugs

A brand set up by Nand Kishore Chaudhary, Jaipur Rugs produces quality handcrafted contemporary rugs. Empowering weavers, Jaipur rugs integrates current designs and uplifts the weaver community.

5.Gallerie Alternatives

Gallerie alternative is the first art gallery of Gurgaon and is known to promote art of senior to upcoming artists. They exhibit drawings, sculptures, and installations by senior as well upcoming artists. They have close interaction with artists such as M.F. Hussain, S H Raza, Abanindra Nath Tagore, and many more.

6. Modern Art Gallery

Showcasing Indian sculptors and artists, Modern Art Gallery promotes original and decorative art. They have extended their range from contemporary designs to more unique and interesting modern art created by renowned artists.

7. Sahil and Sarthak

With a believe that design can be integrated with ethnicity and ecology, Sahil & Sarthak are young designers whose expertise lies in furniture, lighting, and installation, customized using Indian craftsmanship and materials.

Athena Chair In Arabian Sweets Furniture By Sahil & Sarthak

Athena Chair In Arabian Sweets By Sahil & Sarthak

8. Living with Elan

Living with Elan has a range of products from home decor to desk accessories. Promoting ecofriendly and sustainable design, they are all about cute, bold, pastel patterns and sophistication.

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