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How To Start An Art Blog

Team Mojarto 2nd Sep 2021

The thought of launching an art blog appeals to many. But not all of us have a plan laid down on how to start an art blog. Contrary to how difficult people might claim it to be, starting an art blog is quite simple and Mojarto has put together five stellar points to help you get started. 

She By Subrata Gangopadhyay

She By Subrata Gangopadhyay

1. What’s in a name? Everything!

A name is the most important factor for a blog and it should be every blogger’s priority. A good blog name is what catches the reader’s attention. It needn’t be worded but it must not extend beyond three to four words. Avoid making long sentences with your names. Something short and crisp ought to do the trick.

Nostalgia Of Indian Steam Locomotives 40 By Kishore Pratim Biswas

Nostalgia Of Indian Steam Locomotives 40 By Kishore Pratim Biswas

2. Research till you drop

Reader’s love reading well-researched blogs. Whether your topic is small or big, latest or ancient, it doesn’t matter as long as there is a good amount of research and story-telling to keep them yearning for the next sentence. 

3. Walk with the trends

Oftentimes, choosing a topic to write about takes all of our time in turn leading to procrastination. A sensible tip would be to follow the trends. Look for whatever’s trending and give your personal touch to it. 

Note: Even though this is a good idea, it’s better to not make it a habit and keep your blog your own.

Aafreen By Uttam Bhattacharya

Aafreen By Uttam Bhattacharya

4. Photoshoot

A blog looks its best when it is ornamented with the best photographs. Instead of using the images available on the internet, it is always advisable to use personally clicked photographs as they would blend easily with the blog aesthetics.

5. Points for Platform

Personal websites give a sophisticated look to your blog. But if you are a budding blogger, then we would suggest you use a platform where blogs are thriving. Once you achieve a decent readership, you can build your own website and invite your readers to visit you there and subscribe too. 

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