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How To Preserve Oil Paintings?

Mojarto Team Last Updated On : 18th Jan 2021

Art is an investment and like any other investment it requires a certain amount of care-taking. If you want that gorgeous, Indian oil painting to go down generations as a family heirloom, then we suggest you adhere to our following tips to preserve your artwork.

1. Hang and store the painting in a location where it will be out of harm's way. Avoid locations where people touch or lean against the wall, food and beverages may fall, or plants are watered nearby.

2. Try to display the paintings where the relative humidity and temperature levels are fairly constant - avoid being near a window, in the direct airflow of an air conditioner or a heater.

Artwork by J M S Mani

3. Daylight is very high in radiation that is damaging to paintings. Watch that there is never any direct sunlight on paintings at any point during the day. Directing lights at the painting can cause damaging hot or warm spots on the paint surface. Light damage cannot be reversed.

4. A soft cloth or a soft brush should be used to remove surface dirt from paintings and frames. Avoid feather dusters as they may cause scratches. Care should be taken to not flex the canvas while cleaning, else paint may get dislodged. The back of the painting should be kept clean by brushing or vacuuming. Serious cleaning and varnishing of paintings should be handled by a trained conservator.

5. Should you get fungus or moulds on your canvas, dust off the mould with a soft brush. Place the canvas with it’s back facing a warm (not direct) sun for a few hours, for the mould to be killed.

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6. When transporting an oil painting, hold the painting on both sides. Avoid grasping a painting from the top of the frame, and don't hold it by the hanging wire. Avoid bumping oil paintings on canvas because even the slightest bump can cause future cracking of the paint surface.

7. In the unfortunate event that your painting is damaged in some way, contact a professional conservator in your area, as often repair and restoration is a viable option.

Give your unique artwork some tender love and care and watch it adorn your life and home for generations.


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