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Here's How You Add Drama To Your Dinner Party Table

Tarun Grover Last Updated On : 4th Jan 2021

December is the time for parties and social gatherings. So whether you are planning to throw a Christmas dinner for close friends and family or a rocking party on your terrace on New Year’s Eve, making your dinner table a little more appealing would add that extra warmth to your party. Here are a few candlelight holders that can add the artistic touch and drama to your Christmas spread.

1. Autumn Candle Holder

Autumn Candle Holder Candle Stand By The Yellow Door

Autumn Candle Holder by The Yellow Door

Shaped like twigs graced with glittering golden & green leaves this exquisite candle stand succeeds in capturing the essence of autumn in its unconventional design. Whether placed on a side table or as a centerpiece, this elegant candle stand shall captivate the attention of every beholder.

2. Wooden Candle Holder

Wooden Candle Holder Candle Stand By CellarDoor

Wooden Candle Holder by CellarDoor

This tall and beautiful wooden candle holder will spread radiance across your space and will make for a great centerpiece.

3. Fish Candle Stand

Fish Candle Stand By Takshni

Fish Candle Stand by Takshni

An easy and a very pretty way to transform a table – this brass fish candle stand from Takshni will make your presentation even more theatrical. Place it on the table for formal glamour with a traditional accent.

4. Reindeer Candle Holder

Reindeer Candle holder Candle Stand By CellarDoor

Reindeer Candle Holder by CellarDoor

What is good for Santa, has to be good for us. These well-crafted metal reindeer candleholders are good reminders of the Christmas spirit. Light a candle on them and spread the merriness.

5. Cu Stone Candlestand

Cu Stone Candlestand L-Y Candle Stand By AnanTaya

Cu Stone Candlestand by AnanTaya

These smart candle stands are a contemporary combination of spinning and stone turning. Put together your own ensemble and create beautiful clusters of light and love!

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