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Five Digital Prints For A Bird Lover

Daya Kingston 2nd Dec 2019

Bird portraits can literally chirp life into living rooms and other spaces! They are a cheerful way to spruce up your surroundings and find inspiration for your day. These feathered beauties are just the thing to gift to someone who loves birds too. Here’s a look at some of the must-haves.

1) An outpouring of energy for your day

Rooster 21 By The Print Studio

Roosters are majestic birds that can add a sense of grandeur to your space. This fine art print showcasing a rooster radiates fire and energy which gives you the impetus to kick start your work day.  The sharp and bright eye is as focused as a laser beam and inspires you to start work early, concentrate and move swiftly to achieve your goals for the day.

2) Proud peacock

Blue Peacock II By O'toole, Tim

The peacock is probably one of the most popular subjects when it comes to birds, especially in Indian art. Its colourful tail has inspired many an artist and poet besides featuring in mythology. The beauty of the blue peacock depicted here lies in textures that the artist has shown. One can almost feel the softness of the feathers and the exuberance of the tail. Definitely an art that will add a calm to any space.

3) Bright birds to colour your life

Birds In Paradise I By Vitaletti, Carolee

This fine art print celebrates the joy of living in unabashedly  bright colours that keep your eyes riveted. Place this picture anywhere and you will see how it instantly draws in liveliness and cheer. A conversation starter for sure! Complements off white walls and gentle pastel walls the best. Works as a gift that spreads happiness too.

4) Bliss is a waterbird on your wall!

Waterbirds & Cattails Ii By Mc Cavitt, Naomi

Looking for something classy to give your living room or lobby an inviting look?  Waterbirds & Cattails II exudes the touch of class that you seek. The sublimity of the crane perched atop some grass lets a sense of bliss pervade the space. Allowing a relaxing feel seep in as it dissolves stress into nothingness.

5) Conversations that draw you in

In Conversation 28 By The Print Studio

A lovely digital print that captures two birds in what appears to be an animated conversation. Their brilliantly coloured blue plumage in striking contrast to the soft washes in the background create a striking image. A lively work that will catch your eye and the strings of your heart.

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