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Creative Tips For A Calmer Home For A Calmer You

Sukriti Dubey 23rd Feb 2018

Your home is not just a set of four walls you rescind into after a hectic day at work or run about getting ready in the rushed morning hours. It is a place where you gain a sense of self and rejuvenate and replenish and rejoice. It is your oasis in the sea of stress that is thrown your way – your kingdom to do with as you will and to decorate as you see fit. Although the idea of a perfectly decorated space is exciting, it’s not always easy to restyle every nook and cranny into a picture from a décor magazine. A clean, calm and peaceful home comes not only in the way it looks but also reflects how it makes us feel. It’s this idea that has increasingly made minimalism and ‘Zen’ style décor popular. If you are looking to remodel your space into your own sanctuary, have a look at these 5 simple steps:

1. An Earthy Palette

5 X8 Hand Loom Linen Rug Carpet and Rug By Jaipur Rugs

5 X8 Hand Loom Linen Rug Carpet and Rug By Jaipur Rugs

Start with the basic: an earthy and neutral color palette. Colors are known to have a great psychological effect, and flashy and vivid hues aren’t the best choice if you are looking to create a Zen home. Go for beige, soft shades of green, tan, white and other earthy colors that inspire and calm the mind. Lay the base of the space in a simple color by placing a minimal carpet or invest in simple off-white curtains.

2. Minimal Home Accents

Bottle Vase Set Of 4 Accessories By Alex Davis

Bottle Vase Set Of 4 Accessories By Alex Davis

One of the first steps of creating an open and clean space is to rid your home off the various decorative pieces and invest in sophisticated and timeless ones that add to the tranquility without compromising on aesthetic appeal. It could be a chic ceramic sculpture or a contemporary bottle vase like this that will do both: give character to the space and beautify it creatively - less ornamentation means a simpler home.

3. De-clutter

Monumental Centrepiece (Chrome) Accessories By Atelier Ds

Monumental Centrepiece (Chrome) Accessories By Atelier Ds

In a cluttered space, the chaos is not just in the surroundings but in the mind as well. This is why in a cleaner space, we can concentrate and think better. Store away your keys in a small bowl, your spices in boxes and your toiletries in a proper manner. Clear your space off any knick-knacks and store them in simple decorative boxes like the one below. This will not only make your space cleaner but also more accessible.

4. Plants

Facet Tall Planter Garden Decor By Objectry

If there is anything that never fails to spread positivity and life around the house, it’s the presence of plants. Aside from the air-quality benefits, they bring the beauty of nature into our homes without any refashioning by us, in the most basic form. They will add to the Zen aesthetic of the home. Opt for no fuss plants like bamboo and snake plants and minimal planters to place them in.

5. Natural Elements

Puddle Platter Small Platter By Taru

Puddle Platter Small Platter By Taru

Innately as humans we are designed to appreciate the natural beauty and have an emotional bond with it. A simple stroll in the park or quick vacation in the mountains rejuvenates us and gives us peace of mind. By incorporating natural elements into the space, we can feed this intrinsic yearning every time we step into our haven. Incorporate items made from natural products like ceramic crockery, wood home accessories and clay accents to give a serene and natural touch to the space.

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