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Earth Day Celebrations: An Introspection Through Art

Team Mojarto 22nd Apr 2020

As the Earth Day Network (EDN) celebrates the 50th Earth Day on April 22, at a time when nature has asked us to stay in and introspect, we present a beautiful set of paintings that encompass nature’s beauty in all her glory. From animals, to landscapes, to seascapes – the works evoke a sense of nostalgia, happiness and memories that truly need to be cherished. With the promise of a better, healthier, kinder future.

Feel closer to the nature in an artsy way with our exclusively picked collection of artworks-

1. Villagers Life by Mukta Gupta

Villagers Life By Mukta Gupta

Villagers Life by Mukta Gupta 20 X 16 In Acrylic & Graphite on Canvas 2016

Taking on the beauty of Warli painting and the love for local scenes and images, the works of Mukta Gupta are quaint, colloquial and elegant. Earthy tones and the pretty contrast of white are a perfect start to the appreciation of nature.
2. Trees 4 by Sujata Khanolkar

Trees 4 by Sujata Khanolkar

Trees 4 by Sujata Khanolkar 10.5 X 14.5 In Ink on Paper 2019
Sitting under the shade of tree is one of the most relaxing things to do and the work is reminiscent of that comfort. It is full of light, evergreen and beautiful, almost giving the evidence of wind and sunlight streaming through the painting.
3. Dawn by Zargar Zahoor

Dawn By Zargar Zahoor

Dawn by Zargar Zahoor 40 X 30 In | 102 X 76 Cm Oil on Canvas 2013
Capturing the orangish hue of the morning light and the way in which it envelops the atmosphere and nature, the works of Zargar Zahoor are incredible to look at. Extolling the power of a morning view and the aura of the early hours, this one especially soothing in its power.

4. Flight 1 by Ajay Sharma

Flight 1 By Ajay Sharma

Flight 1 by Ajay Sharma 12 X 14 In | 30 X 36 Cm Mixed Media on Paper 2016
Flying against an ethereal pink sky, the birds are a lovely reminder of the freedom of movement and flight. The painting is gracefully rendered and a reminder of hope during this difficult time.

5. Mr Misa Yellow Glasses And More by Abhisek Dey

Mr Misa Yellow Glasses And More By Abhisek Dey

Mr Misa Yellow Glasses And More by Abhisek Dey 30 X 24 In | 76 X 61 Cm Acrylic on Canvas 2014
Juxtaposing the cool shades of summer against pretty peacocks, the image is surreal and so typical of a film scene set! The dramatic yellows and blues are uplifting and a bright reminder of the quickly descending summer months!

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