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Coloured Confessions

Open up, yes, you, go on… tell me a secret and I will immortalise you…

Illustrator Terrence Eduarte’s ‘100 Days of Secrets’ project features digital portraits of people, created in exchange for a closely guarded snippet from their lives. Candid and faceless, they invite the observer into a sanctum where art is born from an act of blind trust, ingeniously mutating from the undisclosed to the unveiled. ‘The pastel colors add a layer of anonymity to the portraits, while the shadows signify how despite the confession, identities are still kept secret.’ 

So, go on, tell me a secret…

 “I always ask if my friends are doing well, but people rarely ask how I am.”

 “I created an imaginary friend as a coping mechanism for my depression. Now I want to make her disappear but she keeps coming back”

 “I don’t like the taste of coffee. I can’t stand the taste of hot coffee. But sometimes I buy it just so that I can take a picture of it.”

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