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Colour Matters More Than You Think

Neera Sehgal 20th Sep 2017

Colour is a potent tool used by artists to create effective and meaningful paintings to enchant viewers. Colour has a profound effect on us either consciously or subconsciously. Our sentiments, moods and temperament are influenced by the different colours that surround us.

Wall art in autumn colours that range from golden yellow to deep red and green are inviting and evoke a feeling of warmth and cosiness in the home. Reminiscent of sand, fire, sunshine and heat, paintings in warm colours can help brighten up rooms to create a tranquil environment.


Morning By Kaukab Ahmad

Morning By Kaukab Ahmad

The zesty yellow is a sunny shade that symbolises light and gives a cheerful and happy vibe. Beautiful abstract paintings in subtle tints of yellow paired with grey or light blue accents can create a soft glow and help brighten a space.


Mindscape The Chess Series By Anita Vilas

Mindscape The Chess Series By Anita Vilas

The fiery orange is another warm shade that has the potential to transform a room. The citrus hue that comes in tones ranging from light peach to terracotta to rich pumpkin can have a soothing effect when bathed in a glow of sunlight or artificial light. A living room painting in coral orange with traces of sage green and sky blue promises a versatile look that is subtle, yet fetching.


Videh 6 By Satish Bhaisare

Videh 6 By Satish Bhaisare

Hanging a painting in shades of cranberry red, reddish violet or even coral that radiates vitality, vigour and passion, is perfect for individuals who are looking to make a bold statement. Abstract or contemporary art in this spicy hue is striking and can add drama to a boring space with wooden décor. People who are less adventurous can opt for modern art in a lighter, washed-out crimson that isn't too overwhelming.


Hope Is A Waking Dream By Neena Singh

Hope Is A Waking Dream By Neena Singh

For walls in a light neutral shade, explore the darker route and go for a moody landscape in shades of brown. The conservative colour has the potential to arouse a feeling of coolness and warmth at the same time. The earthy shade reminds us of Van Gogh’s famous painting ‘The Potato Eaters’ in which the artist used a lot of brown to set a solemn mood.

To get a better understanding of the colour spectrum and its meaning, turn towards the great artists of yester years whose masterpieces have stood the test of time. They recognised the power of colour and used it to their advantage to create meaning in their work!

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