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Catch Valentine Fever With These Romantic Works Of Art

Team Mojarto 10th Feb 2020

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and here are some ideas to give your loved one something special.  A beautiful piece of art that reflects the love and romance you share can be a gift that will be remembered.

1. Lost in the music of love

Music And Romantic Couple By Pravin Utge

Music And Romantic Couple By Pravin Utge

When you are in love, every moment glows with radiant beauty. This romantic couple is savouring joys  together. The man plays the flute as the woman loses herself in the melody and inhales the fragrance of the blossoms.  This expressionist work using acrylic on canvas hints at inner worlds of bliss where one can immerse oneself in a sea of love and happiness shutting out the cacophony of the outer world. The flute thus becomes a catalyst to achieving inner peace.

2. When togetherness is celebrated

Togetherness By Jai Srivastava

Togetherness by Jai Srivastava

The feeling of “Togetherness” is usually something intangible and unseen. The beauty of this acrylic by Jai Srivastava is that he actually manages to capture this fragile, transient emotion in a tactile way on his canvas. The rich jewel colours make the faces in muted off-white and brown tones even more sensuous.

3. Delving deep into desire

Untitled By Dipak Kundu

Untitled By Dipak Kundu

Where there is romance, can passion be far behind? Dipak Kundu with his works tries delves deep into concepts of psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud. The ‘Eros’ and the ‘Thantos’ is expressed through his works which are an exploration of human emotions and desire. The earthy hues lit by what seems to be the gentle light of an oil lamp adds to the feeling of hedonistic pleasure that it evokes. His works are an echo of the human psyche and represents the dichotomy of relationships between the sexes. Life, love and sexuality are put in juxtaposition with the inevitability of death.

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