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Bring The Natural World Into Your Home With Animal Art

Team Mojarto 3rd Feb 2020

There are many different kinds of animal art ranging from the cute ones that a bring a smile to your face to the ferocious.  Bring in a bit of the wild into your home in a friendly way. Animal art works wonderfully well for kids’ rooms.

1. Playful pandas to pep you up

My World (1) By Vani Chawla

My World (1) By Vani Chawla

Pandas are one of the most loved animals in the planet. While most of us are quite familiar with the black and white pandas, not many of us are aware of the endangered species, the red pandas.  Artist Vani Chawla loves to paint animals and this painting also helps raise awareness about them. The textures and the interplay of dull earthy colours contrasted with vivid greens and purples gives this canvas a fresh character.

2. A squirrel to catch your eye!

Scurrying Squirrels By Sabia Khan

Scurrying Squirrels By Sabia Khan

Squirrels have always been seen as playful and fun. This squirrel stands alert looking at bright red flowers. To the artist Sabia, this is not just about nature, it has a meaning so much more profound. To her, denizens of the natural world such as birds, squirrels and butterflies represent the freedom which women feel denied in our society. This in a way helps them vicariously experience it.

3. Playing with animal fantasies

Musician Cats With Flying Fish By Bhaskar Chitrakar

Musician Cats With Flying Fish By Bhaskar Chitrakar

Cats that play music and fish that fly are just the kind of thing that fantasies are made out of. The work featured here is part of Bhaskar Chitrakar’s “Kalighat Cat” series, where the artist gives free reign to his imagination, creating humorous, surrealist images of Bengali flora, fauna and habitat. This painting has been crafted using the famous “Kalighat Pata” style which refers to art created on paper by a group of artists called ‘patuas’ who livedin the neighbourhood of the famous Kali Temple at Kalighat in Calcutta during the 19th and early 20th centuries.  The artist has been working on reviving this style though with modern interpretations.

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