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What Does Your Favourite Art Style Says About You?

Shreya Kumar 9th Jul 2018

Are you an art lover or have an interest in art? If you do, then there is something very interesting for you! Have you ever wondered why are you drawn to a specific art style more than the other?  Well, your taste in art can reveal a lot about your personality and the kind of person you are. Let us take a look at some of the famous art styles and what do they reveal about your personality.

1. Traditional Art

Golpitha By Salil Sakhalkar

Golpitha By Salil Sakhalkar

If you like the traditional art form and artists like Valmeer, Da Vinci and Michelangelo are your favourite artists then it means you don’t like to break rules. You probably are conservative in nature and have a traditional mindset.

2. Modern Art

Untitled By Sakti Burman

 Untitled By Sakti Burman

Modern art began in the 19th and 20th century. It marked a rift from the traditional style of painting. People who like modern art are generally open to new ideas. They are also outgoing and amiable.

3. Cubism

Enamored By Ella Prakash

Enamored By Ella Prakash

This art style reflects the mix of European paintings and sculptures. This is a unique style of art and shows that you are one of those people from whom nothing usual can be expected. You probably have contentious views and you also like to shock people for fun.

4. Abstract

Defining Space I By Raju Durshettiwar

Defining Space I By Raju Durshettiwar

Most people don’t understand the abstract style, they feel it’s child’s play. But it actually takes a good understanding of colour and a sense of how they will compliment each other to do abstract painting. If you love abstract art, then you are an extrovert along with being creative. You also don’t like to hold back during an argument.

5. Impressionism

Waterscape By Animesh Roy

Waterscape By Animesh Roy

These kinds of paintings are very elaborate in their depiction of time and light. The soft strokes of the brush are visible in these types of paintings. You have a very soft personality and don’t like getting into arguments. 

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