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A Scent Of Grace

Sponsored 22nd Aug 2019

Iris Fragrances launch their latest range of products, Iris Celeste, unveiling a new level of luxury in home fragrances

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One of the things that are an intrinsic part of most childhood memories spent in India is the smell of incense. It is at once nostalgic and significant, spreading in its own inconspicuous way, a sense of calm, a sense of quietness and a sense of balance. Its allure is not only in its unique fragrance – jasmine, rose, sandalwood – but in the seamless power it has to root our memories. So when the  agarbathie to aerospace conglomerate, NR Group, manufacturers of Cycle Agarbathis, the world’s leading incense brand, decides to venture into fragrances for homes and cars with their vertical ‘Ripple’, we sit up and take notice, and, well, smell the change.

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Iris’ primary focus has not only been creating fragrances in a variety of prices, forms and scents, but also the psychological power of fragrances to refresh the body and the mind, which is why the shape, form and colour of their products are just as aesthetic as their wide range. And now, with their latest category recently launched, Iris Celeste, the idea and aesthetic of home fragrances have been transformed yet again. ‘My team and I set out to create something entirely new in the Indian market: a range of home fragrances that are both subtle and impactful, immediately attractive and memorable... fragrances that match the luxury homes springing up in the major  cities,’ said Kiran Ranga Managing Director and Master Fragrance Creator Riple fragrances. 

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Currently there are three fragrances that are a part of this range, with more coming up, but the three that are in the market come with their own stories. French Lavender, for instance, is by itself not new; however, the interpretation of this worldwide favourite is. Lacking the overpowering nature of the usual lavender, this one can create the wonderful feel of lavender fields in Provence. The other two – CoralBlue and Tangerine – are also unique in the mental pictures they create: summery and spicy, fresh and heartwarming. The superiority of the fragrances have been matched by the sheer elegance and quality of their packaging. Designed by Italian designers, the fragrances come in the form of Reed Diffusers and Vaporisers, with other forms soon to join in.

Iris Celeste will be available at Iris Aroma Boutiques in Bengaluru, Mysore, Pune and Chennai, hyderabad and at major lifestyle and home decor retail outlets in the cities, too, successfully continuing to spread the ‘Iris Mission’ of making every home smell as impressive as it looks and feels.

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