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8 Ways To Spruce Up The Empty Corners Of Your Home

Sukriti Dubey 9th Nov 2017

Every naked corner of the house is an opportunity to put your creativity to work but is also a challenging space to work with. Unable to decide between putting a floor lamp or a plant, we often give up and just let the empty corner be. Every space and corner, if done up right, adds to the overall ambience of your home. If you are lucky enough to have empty spaces around the house, use your imagination and ingenuity to turn an unused spot into an eye-catching setting. Check out these easy décor ideas that will get your creative juices flowing!

1. Large Artifact

Kettle Table The Third Artifact By Arpan Patel For Studio Kassa

Kettle Table The Third by Arpan Patel For Studio Kassa

A large artifact can transform a corner from being a completely ignored space to the most striking part of the room in no time. This antique looking whimsical décor accessory is a piece of art, in every way. It boasts of a fresh take on a classical tea & kettle table design. Its elaborate silhouette brings a stately elegance to the room.

2. Showcase Your Favourite Books

Figure Cart Book Holder Furniture By The Art Spa

Figure Cart Book Holder by The Art Spa

Books speak volumes about people. They are a reflection of the reader’s personality and that’s why decorating with books is a way to make your space more ‘you’. Instead of stacking them up around the house, place them in a unique showpiece-cum-storage. They are also a great conversation starter and what better conversations than about the books you love!

3. Corner Seating

Seraphina Chair & Ottoman In California Sunset Furniture By Sahil & Sarthak

Seraphina Chair & Ottoman In California Sunset by Sahil & Sarthak

Carve out a personal comfy and kitschy reading spot in the otherwise naked corner by placing a vibrant chair and a footrest. Creating extra seating with beautifully designed chairs is an easy way to put any corner to good use effortlessly and you can always use it when you have guests over. Add small tables, plants, candles and lamps to make it look more ambient and inviting.

4. Fancy Table 

Circular Patterned Table (Glass Top) Furniture By Cellar Door

Circular Patterned Table by Cellar Door

Sprinkle a little glitz and glam in your space by placing a fancy table in the corner. To give a lift to a drab area, leave the boring tables behind and invest in something that is designed to give your little knick knacks a baroque place to rest in.

5. Lamps

Pulley Task Lamp Floor Lamp By The Yellow Door

Pulley Task Lamp by The Yellow Door

Corners often gather a lot of shadows and look uninviting. Your overall space décor may be perfect, but one dull dark corner can bring down the whole look. So, why not transform this space with a vintage spotlight floor lamp? Get that extra bit of soft glow with a twistable lamp which can be turned towards the ceiling to achieve an ambient lighting effect.

6. A Chic Mirror

Marquise Cut Diamond Mirror Looking Mirror By The Lohasmith

Marquise Cut Diamond Mirror by The Lohasmith

Another way to invite more light and depth to a corner is by hanging a mirror, and better so, a rose gold mirror. Mirrors do double-duty by creating an illusion of space and adding a trendy design element to the area.

7. Art Prints

Serene Harmony 54 By Anuradha Thakur

Serene Harmony 54 by Anuradha Thakur

In ideation, this one seems quite easy but in practice, it can be a little difficult to employ artworks for decorating homes. The best way is to follow your heart with this one. Pick out different art prints that speak to you and hang them up. Get creative and follow unexpected art arrangements, creating a healthy mix of colours, sizes and themes.

8. Mini Bar

Bee Hive Wall Wine & Bar Rack Antique Brass Accessories By The Lohasmith

Bee Hive Wall Wine & Bar Rack Antique Brass by The Lohasmith

Another way to modify this space is by creating a mini bar. Skip on the simple mini shelves and pick up this stackable beehive wall shelf. This adds interesting décor element to the space that you can use efficiently as well.

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