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5 Statement IPAD Sleeves Under Rs 1100

Saiyam Khosla 27th Jun 2017

The thing with expensive tech gear is, the moment you buy one you have to spend another mini fortune to protect it and some more if you want it to stand out, after all, an iPad is an iPad as some would argue. However, if you are into personalising your gadgets we bring to you our 5 most impressive sleeves that make a statement even before you switch it on. Do take a look here:

1. If you are the kind of person who hates to keep the iPad in its case all the time try using this beautifully designed Luring Camel iPad Sleeve. Digitally printed on fabric a sleeve protects the iPad even on the go. So whether or are in the mad rush of public transport or bumpy city roads you never have to worry about damaging your iPad again.

Camel Glory I Pad Sleeve Ipad Sleeve By Kolorobia

Camel Glory I Pad Sleeve by Kolorobia

2. Having a great Indo-Persian style on your iPad sleeve will take your style quotient to a whole new level. The thick inner lining ensures maximum protection while dark colours make it look as good as new for a very long time.

Mughal Blooms I Pad Sleeve Ipad Sleeve By Kolorobia

Mughal Blooms I Pad Sleeve by Kolorobia

3. Amongst other things, colour blue is a symbol of tranquility. Try this sky blue traditional Turkish art print iPad sleeve to give your work a whole new meaning.  this is especially popular amongst the designers and the aesthetically inclined.

Pristine Turkish I Pad Sleeve Ipad Sleeve By Kolorobia

Pristine Turkish I Pad Sleeve by Kolorobia

4. Also hailed as ‘poetry on the loom’, Ikat is a complicated dyeing technique that almost has a cult following not just nationally but internationally as well. From garments to table linen to bedcovers it’s everywhere so why should you not paint your iPad with it?

Dazzling Ikat I Pad Sleeve Ipad Sleeve By Kolorobia

Dazzling Ikat I Pad Sleeve by Kolorobia

5. Made in high quality material to protect your expensive iPad, this lovely sleeve is an absolute eye catcher. The signature paisley pattern from Persia spreads itself beautifully on the cover while the zipper ensures extra safety. Highly recommended for women with refined tastes.

Majestic Paisley I Pad Sleeve Ipad Sleeve By Kolorobia

Majestic Paisley I Pad Sleeve by Kolorobia

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