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5 Jazzy Products For The Eclectic Home Under Rs 3500

Sukriti Dubey 22nd Aug 2017

If you find yourself spending on décor items that don’t follow a theme particularly but instantly catch your eye or connect with you, you probably thought that your home décor style couldn’t be categorized. Fortunately, there is a term for those of us for whom ‘matching’ isn’t as attractive as decorating creatively and out of the box: eclectic home décor. This style is fearless, quirky and conversational. For the eclectic decorators, here are 5 vibrantly beautiful home accessories that will have all your guests appreciating the interior decorator in you. Get your shopping cart ready!

1. Ladder Wine-holder

Ladder Wineholder (Yellow) Table Ware By Desi Jugaad

Ladder Wineholder (Yellow) by Desi Jugaad

Everything about this wine-holder screams eccentricity and eclectic decorating, from the bright color to its quirky design. It’s time to ditch the boring wine holders for something a bit more out there. It also comes with a fun chalkboard where you can write messages for parties. Don’t miss this!

2. Dragon Box

Trippy Trinket Boxes Handpainted Keepsake Box Sea Dragon Decorative Box By Pyjama Party Studio

Trippy Trinket Boxes Handpainted Keepsake Box Sea Dragon by Pyjama Party Studio

This whimsical and jazzy hand-painted box will be a great addition to your home. Use it as a storage box for jewelry, souvenirs or other little things or show it off by putting it in the living room. The contrasting colors and rustic finish give it a kitschy look that we love.

3. Rustic Warli Decorative Plate

Rustic Warli Decorative Plate Wall Decor By Kolorobia

Rustic Warli Decorative Plate by Kolorobia

For a homemaker to keep the home not just clean but also gleaming with cheerfulness is a priority. This wall décor plate inspired from elephants & wildlife of the tropical rain forests of Sri Lanka is a great add-on if you want to add a touch of royalty and elegance to your home.

4. Hand-painted Kettle

Limited Edition Kettle Dragonfly Catchers Serveware By Pyjama Party Studio

Limited Edition Kettle Dragonfly Catchers by Pyjama Party Studio

Eclectic style is mix of the best of all home décor styles. It’s funky and based on the basic principles of creativity, cheerfulness and homeliness. A quaint item like this fits perfectly into the theme. As if coming straight from the children’s books of poetries, this tea kettle is a must have product. It will draw attention to wherever it’s placed!

5. Napkin Rings

Crested Napkin Rings Accessories By Tessera

Crested Napkin Rings by Tessera

These gorgeous wooden napkin rings are crested with rare minerals in different colors and shapes. The unique design will add that sparkle, elegance and refinement to your dinnerware and display. Nothing but opulence!

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