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5 Captivating Sculptures That You Must Not Miss

Gunjan Tripathi 5th Jan 2018

The multi-dimensional visual art form of sculpture is widely recognised as one of the freest and imaginative areas of the fine arts. Sculptures can come in just about any medium or material. They can be realistic, abstract or conceptual, often depicting figurative forms but equally challenging the viewer to define their own interpretation of the object.

Here we have five interesting sculptures that will definitely leave you in contemplation.

Biosphere – 18 by Romicon Revola

Biosphere 18 By Romicon Revola

Biosphere 18 By Romicon Revola 

At first glance, one sees a sphere, a mere geometrical structure. However, further insight into the artist’s mind and practice reveal a much more layered concept. Through her latest series, Cosmic Bloom, Romicon revisits forgotten mythologies and proposes her idea of an eco-centric world. In these works, she uses a globe-like structure to show how humans see the earth in their daily musings. She shows the sphere devoid of all markings and territorial demarcations referring to a primordial time of pure potential. The sculpture is an attempt to connect the viewers to the issue of sustainability and ecology.

Ravana by Sukanta Chowdhury

Ravana By Sukanta Chowdhury

Ravana By Sukanta Chowdhury

Sukanta’s works depict spatial and figurative abstraction, causing the viewer to create their own interpretation using their inner vision, just like the artist, and are a fine example of his vast imaginative capacity. In this work depicting the mighty demon Ravana, the artist uses a little safety pin to demonstrate power. It is mesmerising to see how the artist sees and demonstrates the concept of power with such simplicity. This subtle contrast enables the viewer to contemplate the weakness in strength and strength in weakness.

Nest by Janarthanan R

Nest By Janarthanan R , Chennai

Nest By Janarthanan R

Janarthanan’s Nest shows a human form – figurative and obvious to begin with, but a closer look suggests a deeper meaning. Here the human body and a bird’s nest act as metaphors for each other in their inception, layers, and contents. According to him, just like the egg stays in the nest, the soul exists in the human body and he draws parallels in between the nest built in layers to the layers of a human. In both, the idea exists before the physical concept and the work makes you explore the concept of self in both a physical and metaphysical context.

Shield-I by Adil Writer

Shield 1 By Adil Writer , Auroville, tamil nadu

Shield 1 By Adil Writer 

This interesting painted, ceramic composition is a result of a collaboration between Adil Writer and the iconic artist, Laxma Goud. At first, you might think of the artwork as an African Mask but a second look, makes you discover how two artists from extremely different backgrounds come together, exchanging their ideas and energies, to bring this work into existence. Each has brought elements of their respective techniques of sculpture and painting and the work shows how the two can be married together.

My Pillow by David Rai

My Pillow By David Rai

My Pillow By David Rai

David indulges in expressing his feelings through everyday objects. Here he shows his own pillow in ceramic along with iron nails and a steel grate. What appears to be an embroidered, soft object is actually the sculptor’s taking up of the challenge of perception by combining the contrasting materials of clay and iron. This juxtaposes the gentle nature of our thoughts of sleep and bed with the jarring rigidity of everyday life.

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