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5 Classy Mirrors To Glam Up Your Interiors

Swapnil Ghildiyal 13th Apr 2017

Accessorising your place with mirrors adds instant class and much-needed illusion of space in our shrinking abodes. You can place decorative mirrors in your bedroom, living room, foyer, bathroom or even above vanities to instantly multiply any space. Browse our collection for some ideas to add that dash of antique glam with a twist.

1. Twiggy Mirror

Twiggy Mirror Looking Mirror By The Lohasmith

Twiggy Mirror by The Lohasmith

The natural and elegant Twiggy Mirror is made of fragile metal 'twigs' welded together to form an intricate pattern, creating a mirror worthy of being the centrepiece for any setting. The entire ensemble with bent metal outer finish completes its look and makes it a spectacular piece of art.

2. Solar Flare Mirror

Solar Flare Mirror Looking Mirror By The Lohasmith

Solar Flare Mirror by The Lohasmith

This round mirror is made as a tribute to the radiance of the sun. While the flares of steel wire create striking shadows on the wall, Lohasmith's signature dripped brass detailing gives it a depth and shine. Overall a fun looking mirror to have.

3. Teardrop Diamond Mirror

Teardrop Diamond Mirror Looking Mirror By The Lohasmith

Teardrop Diamond Mirror by The Lohasmith

Sleek to look at and elegant in its appearance, this teardrop-shaped decorative mirror is just the piece of jewel you always wanted. Framed in mild steel and powder-coated to match white gold ups the overall aesthetic quotient of any space within seconds.

4. Round Brilliant Diamond Mirror

Round Brilliant Diamond Mirror Looking Mirror By The Lohasmith

Round Brilliant Diamond Mirror by The Lohasmith

Elegantly crafted with care, this decorative mirror is just the right choice for upgrading your home decor and ensuring an enjoyable experience of your reflection. Set in a frame of mild steel finished to match rose-gold, the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Mirror features the geometrical symmetry and even facets which have made this cut the darling of modern jewellery.

5. Marquise Cut Diamond Mirror

Marquise Cut Diamond Mirror Looking Mirror By The Lohasmith

Marquise Cut Diamond Mirror by The Lohasmith

Highly recommended for its wow quotient, this metallic mirror adds an artistic relief to your space with its intricate design pattern. Place it in a special corner of your living room and watch marquise work its magic.


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