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Tracing The Unknown

Team Mojarto 1st Jun 2021

Kolkata-based visualiser and illustrator, Jit Chowdhury, brings our attention to lesser-known mythological characters from Indian epics through his series of drawings titled ‘Mythos’. From stories heard and later researched, he draws with almost a vein of compassion that celebrates divine and the demonic alike, allowing us to focus not just on the stories, but also on the consequences of the stories, brilliantly manifested in their imagined forms. We present a glimpse of the process and the creation itself.

All Images Courtesy of Jit Chowdhury.

Rishi Bhringi

‘It was tough to get a proper visual reference for this character so I had to rely mostly on the story itself while designing this artwork. How will one look if you drain out all the liquids from one’s body?’

All Images Courtesy of Jit Chowdhury.

 Gandaberunda vs. Sharabha

‘In this artwork I wanted to highlight the story more than the characters. So I have kept Narashima in the picture. Style-wise it has flavours of Mughal miniature art and artistic styles from South India. 

All Images Courtesy of Jit Chowdhury.


‘The most fascinating part of the Jwarasura story is how much the characteristic that signifies Jwarasura resembles that of virus. So I tried to add that element into my artwork. The halo is actually a petri dish with virus multiplying in it.

All Images Courtesy of Jit Chowdhury.


‘Inspiration for this drawing came from South Indian paintings and masks. I love how they draw the eyes and the mouth and the tongue sticking out. The best part is their moustache.’ 

 All Images Courtesy of Jit Chowdhury.

Lajja Gauri

‘This is one of my favourites. While conceptualising this artwork I tried merging the stories of her origin. There were a few examples available to me and I tried modifying it a little, while remaining true to her story.’

All Images Courtesy of Jit Chowdhury.


‘In this artwork I have kept an essence of the Orissa painting style (you see it in the chakra) as the story is popular there. I changed the orientation of the creature according to this posture, but the animals represented are according to the scriptures.’

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