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10 Unique & Useful Gifts For Your Loved Ones, All Under Rs 1000

Sukriti Dubey 17th Oct 2017

No matter what the occasion, there is one thing we all struggle with: the gifts. Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and parties call for a tiresome hunt for gifts. We are all guilty of sending out the mundane sweet boxes and dry fruits or even flowers, year after year, only packed differently. This time, do something different and unique with your gifts and choose ones that are useful and creative. Have a look at our top 10 functional products that you can gift your loved ones on any special occasion or even for no occasion at all, all under Rs1000.

1. Moroccan iPhone 6 Cover

Moroccan Inspiration Iphone 6 Cover I-Phone Cover By Kolorobia

Moroccan Inspiration iPhone 6 Cover by Kolorobia

Every iPhone owner loves to have fancy covers for their gadget. Delight them with a regal jacket for their phones that boasts of its detailed Moroccan designs and vibrant colour palette. A very functional and creative gift, this one is sure to please the gadget lovers!

2. Write on Me Planter

Poppadum Art Write On Me Planter Speech Bubble Orange Garden Decor By Poppadum Art

Poppadum Art Write On Me Planter Speech Bubble Orange by Poppadum Art

For all your nature-loving quirky friends, this is a perfect pick! This bright and cheerful cup & saucer planter is ideal for indoor décor. It comes with a small chalkboard and a couple of chalks that allows writing small messages like ‘water me’!

3. Naga Butter Knife

Naga Mithun Butter Knife Table Ware By E'thaan Design Studio

Naga Mithun Butter Knife by E'thaan Design Studio

A step ahead of the dull butter knives, this primitive looking butter knife is a creative gift that is sure to bring a smile on your loved one’s face! This butter knife is inspired by the Naga tribes and is made with bamboo. It has been given an antique and rustic finish to give an ancient look.

4. Ornate Mughal Journal

Ornate Mughal A5 Journal Notebook By Kolorobia

Ornate Mughal A5 Journal by Kolorobia

There is something very thoughtful about gifting notebooks, journals and books that make it a great gift for your family and friends. This ornate journal features a romantic Indo-Persian Mughal design with soft hues and delicate foliage motifs. For any stationery lover, this one is sure to become a part of their coveted journal collection!

5. Pink Chai Kettle

Poppadum Art Chai Kettle Pink Serveware By Poppadum Art

Poppadum Art Chai Kettle Pink by Poppadum Art

An eccentric and kitschy tea kettle like this is unique and hard to score and that’s what makes it a perfect gift for art and décor lovers! Give their cutting chai a creative touch and their home a wonderful décor piece.

6. Ginko Brass Spoon

Ginko Brass Spoon L Table Ware By Anan Taya

Ginko Brass Spoon L by Anan Taya

What makes these spoons special is that its shape is inspired by the gingko leaves, an ancient tree with fossil remnants dating back to 270 million years, possessing great healing power. The antique design and hand-made finish is a great pick for giving table settings an ancient sculptural element.

7. Wooden Pin Board

Ivei Wooden Pinboard With Keyhooks Pink Wall Decor By I Value Every Idea

Ivei Wooden Pinboard With Keyhooks Pink by I Value Every Idea

This is a great gift for anyone who needs a little more organization in life or is already particular about every little thing! A smart and colourful pin-board like this acts as a wall décor and adds utility to space too.

8. Wild Dreams Cushion cover

Wild Dreams By Shruti Nelson Cushion Cover By Indian Colours

Wild Dreams By Shruti Nelson by Indian Colours

This dreamy cushion cover is a great pick for anyone who loves fairytales and everything dreamy. It captures wilderness and movement in soft colours and fluid lines.

9. Tote Bag

Tote Bag By Haren Vakil Bags By Indian Colours

Tote Bag By Haren Vakil by Indian Colours

The artist’s quirky and conceptual art is featured on both sides of the bag. The different artworks on either side allow changing the bag without having to really change it!

10. Dazzling Ikat Coaster

Dazzling Ikat Glass Coaster Coaster Set By Kolorobia

Dazzling Ikat Glass Coaster by Kolorobia

This vibrant and unique set of coasters is a great gift. Ikat is one of the most well-known patterns in India and is used in clothing, rugs, different fabrics and home décor. Every Indian household is familiar with the print and this coaster gives the ancient pattern a fresh, modish touch.

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