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  • Rich Source Of Visual Splendour: Dreams

    By  Team Mojarto  / 22nd Jul 2021

    Sleep is something that amuses most of us. What happens to our minds and souls is still a mystery. Just like sleep dreams are also an enduring source of mystery...

  • Faces In The Water

    By  Praveena Shivram (Arts Illustrated) / 21st Jul 2021

    As physical masks become part of our life, we take a look at artists working with different aspects of faces and the things that lurk beneath the surface. ...

  • A Cut Apart

    By Rahul Kumar (Arts Illustrated) / 19th Jul 2021

    Nepalese artist Youdhisthirs artworks are a study in the vicissitudes of repetition and precision asking us to dwell not so much in the beginning or the end, bu...

  • A treasure Valued Beyond Gold: Bicycle

    By  Team Mojarto / 16th Jul 2021

    We have all longed for our first bicycles. Our bicycle was our aeroplane, bus, and car. We graced the streets in the evenings. Every fall has taught us to be be...

  • Bulls Are The Trending Image This Week On Mojarto

    By Team Mojarto / 16th Jul 2021

    Throughout history, man has been in a deep relation with animals. Mans life was surrounded by animals hunting, food, agriculture, cattle, and sport. Artists wer...

  • Built In Exploration

    By Siddhartha Das (Arts Illustrated) / 15th Jul 2021

    Discovering Poland through its visual arts and food that carries the good, the wildly exciting and the quietly ugly in equal measure of its historic past, witho...

  • Dream Home

    By By Shruthi Rao Team Arts illustrated (Ai Short Story) / 13th Jul 2021

    When I have a home of my own, Ill fill up my balcony with succulents, she liked to say. She was a homeowner now, finally, but sans balcony and succulents. All s...

  • Artworks To Decorate Your Walls Under 20k

    By Team Mojarto / 12th Jul 2021

    Are you looking for an easy and delightful way to buy art? Then we suggest you explore the website of Mojarto. Mojarto has a wide range of artworks available at...

  • The Artist Who Rules The Contemporary Times With His Unique Art

    By Team Mojarto / 8th Jul 2021

    Jean- Michel Basquiat was born in Brooklyn in 1960. The artist is popularly known for his graffiti-inscribed paintings which are prominent till today in Newyork...

  • Shady Encounters

    By  Team Arts Illustrated / 7th Jul 2021

    Drawing with shadows, artist and filmmaker Vincent Bal create quirky images, where light, dark, and colours collide in unexpected ways. Im always wondering what...

  • 5 Artists Who Are Trending On Mojarto

    By Team Mojarto / 6th Jul 2021

    We are proud to announce that we have some of the finest artists of contemporary times on Mojarto. Many art lovers and collectors love their unique style, theme...

  • Crystal Cut

    By Team Arts Illustrated / 5th Jul 2021

    Introducing a new column on some of the architectural triumphs from across the world old and new with interesting trivia and information ...


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