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  • Along Came Possibility

    By  Gautam Bhatia (Arts Illustrated) / 27th Sep 2021

    Re-imagining architectures potential in anticipation and unpredictability, and the possibilities that come with it to view that seminal search for paradise as r...

  • New Artworks To Checkout On Mojarto This Week!

    By Team Mojarto / 24th Sep 2021

    French Fauvist Henri Matisse once famously said that creation is the artists true function. But it would be a mistake to ascribe creative power to an inborn tal...

  • Across The Page

    By Team Arts Illustrated / 22nd Sep 2021

    Based on the oral stories of Tejubehan ...

  • 5 Artworks That Spread The Message Of Peace And Harmony

    By Team Mojarto / 21st Sep 2021

    Art has the ability to build many things. It is an embodiment of a vision, idea and future. Art fosters understanding, develops empathy and expresses feelings. ...

  • The Promise Of Beauty

    By Shakti Maira / 20th Sep 2021

    Artist-philosopher-writer Shakti Mairas new book, The Promise of Beauty Why it Matters is an ode to the word beauty with all its complications and intersection...

  • On Shimmering Air

    By  Praveena Shivram (Arts Illustrated) / 15th Sep 2021

    Artist Sumakshi Singh shares her thoughts about the criss-crossing rivers of time and memory and why the poetry inherent in the act of embroidery is perhaps one...

  • Reinforcing The Need For A Calm And Cosy Space

    By Team Mojarto / 14th Sep 2021

    We are all busy birds, who are in continuous search of something in life. This search rarely lets us stay in our homes for a longer time. But this doesnt mean t...

  • A Hat (Ahem, Fedora) Tip

    By  Vani Sriranganayaki (Arts Illustrated) / 13th Sep 2021

    Waswo X. Waswo spoke to us about The Intruder his latest series of interventions on hand-tinted lithographs from George Francklin Atkinsons Curry on Rice ...

  • Perfect Artworks To Enhance The Beauty Of A Study Room

    By Team Mojarto  / 11th Sep 2021

    A good study room can change many things in our life. A study has been a place where there have been many eureka moments for various scientists and philosophers...

  • Bring Home The Teachings And Goodness Of Buddha Through These Artworks

    By Team Mojarto / 9th Sep 2021

    Are you looking for artworks to decorate your meditative space? Or artworks to fill your room with peace and serenity? The Buddha statues are not only the physi...

  • The Walls That Breathe

    By Rahul Kumar (Arts Illustrated) / 8th Sep 2021

    Arts Illustrateds new column takes you into the world of art collectors and connoisseurs, giving you an exclusive peak into the lives of the artworks from the o...

  • Celebrate This Ganesh Chaturthi With Artworks From Mojarto 

    By Team Mojarto / 7th Sep 2021

    Lord Ganesha is the God of joy, happiness and prosperity. He is one of the most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon. Ganesha is widely revered as the remov...


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