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Samar Singh Jodha

New Delhi , India 5 Followers

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    Indian Artist Samar Singh Jodha: Bringing a hidden reality to life with photography

    I started with photography and I have got into lot of different space like film, metal, sculpture and also been working in various formats and mediums. What we are showcasing here is purely photography and it coming from North east. There are two bodies of work we are looking at, a community which is disappearing which are been associated for over dozen years which has been a capacity building and some sustainability projects around it and photography is part of it. These were all done on large format film cameras. It was a very slow process that time, I wanted to do digital. The other side is looking at habitat of mining community. This work is really about looking at the habitat and individuals who work with such basic skills, they are not architects or designers or with skills or super builders but they take normal metals which are thrown around and how they create habitat out of it. This work is an attempt to show that people with zero institutionalized skills and how they manage to do the most unbelievable and functional habitat. Some of the trouble with photography I feel is that, you go there with camera and take a picture out of there, which I have done many numbers of times and what I am attempting here is getting involved a bit more than that. Ultimately creativity is not mathematics so it’s not logical; it’s not two plus two the obvious answer.

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