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Ranjit Singh


About Artist

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  • About Artist

  • Academics

    B. F. A. From College of Art & Crafts, Patna 2006,

    Diploma in Textile Design (Under Govt.)

  • Exhibitions

    23 March to 27 in London, 2009 Nehru center

    6 Feb. in Leela Hotel. Org. by- Gallerie Alternatives, Gurgaon. 2009

    30 May Group show in Gallerie Alternatives 2009

    Group show, State Gallery, Hyderabad.2006

    College annual Exhibition 2002 to 2006

    Workshop- Art Karavan International (Project Designed by Inder Slim)

    12 Feb to 18 April 2010. Shantiniketan, Kolkatta, Ranchi, Patna,

    Lakhnow, Shimla, Jammu, Srinagar, & Delhi. Performing & Paintings, Installation.

    International Art Project (The story of rice)

    Collaboration with Kristian (Serbian artist), Yolla (German artist)

    Minni, Ondi McMaster, Jetin and me, Location-railway station Patna

    International Art Project (Antraanubhava)

    Collaboration with Ondi mcmaster (American artist) Minni, & me.

    Location-Patna college of arts & crafts.

    International Art Project (I am Bihari) Self.

    International Art Project (Patna mein)

    Collaboration With Jitin, Bhunesh ,Jeevan & me.

    Location-Patna College of arts & crafts.

    3March to 10 March 2010.

    International Art Project (Gomati Darshan) Self.

    22 March world water day 2010.

    Location- Lucknow university to Gomati river.

    International Art Project (Kammarupa)

    Collaboration with Ondi mcmaster (American artist) yolla (German artist) Satyajit

    Singh (German artist) Minni, & me. 12 March to 25 March. 2010.

    Location-Luckhnow University.

    International Art Project (Primary need)

    Collaboration with Silke kastner (German artist) Local theater,& me.

    Location- Gayti open theater, Mall road , Shimla.

    International Art Project (Dinner Table, One night stand, Installation)

    Location- Hotel Hari Palace, Shimla. 27 March to 2 April 2010.

    Paintings workshop, Org. by – D. P. S, Srinagr.

    International Art Project (Democracy)

    Collaboration with Greta Mendaez & me.

    Location- D. P. S. in Srinagar.

    International Art Project ( Gandhi & Their ideas.) Self.

    Location- D. P.S, Srinagar.

    4April to10 April 2010.

    Presentation- Jamia, M. F. Hussein Gallery.

    Presentation. Sarai research institute Delhi.

    Presentation- Lalit Kala Academy Delhi.

    Presentation- arts & Aesthetic faculty, J.N.U Delhi.

    International Art Project (Friends.) Self.

    Location- J.N.U. Delhi

    14 April to18 April 2010.

    Workshop- N.Z.C.C. New Delhi 2009

    Indo British Art & Science Foundation (U.K.)

    2 Jan to 10 Jan 2009, Winter workshop

    Indo British Art & Science Foundation (U.K.)

    Summer workshop 2008

    F.I.P. Convention Com Workshop Patna, 2007

    Variation- Artist camp, Hyderabad 2006

    11Th National youth festival 2006

    Bhart Bhawan (BHOPAL) senior student camp, 2006

    Project by UNICEF. Project Girl Star , Non Profit Org.

    Going to School Delhi

    All India senior student camp Patna 2006

    Site specific workshop, Bihar Lalit Kala Academy, 2005

    E. Z. C. C. Sirjani Shantiniketan, 2005

    Radha Mohan Babu jyanti samaroh artist camp, 2005

    Sarad sivir camp, Patna 2004

  • Award & Recognition

    Awards: Academy awards- 2000 -2005, 11Th National youth festival 2006, Patna Museum 2004

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