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Mojarto is the largest and most innovative online art and collectibles platform in the country. We are strong believers in the transformational power of technology and are the pioneering art and collectibles entity in the country; bringing together artists and crafts-persons, collectors, galleries and stores, and resellers onto a single powerful online platform for a global audience. With a state-of-the-art user experience, backed by some amazing analytics and data, we transform the viewing experience, empower our partners, and provide a huge convenience for those who wish to re-sell their collection

It is our endeavor to provide knowledge and share unique perspectives about creative practices, trends in the field of art and design, and the experience of what goes behind the scenes through our dedicated team of story tellers, empaneled writers and critics. It is our objective to achieve a paradigm shift for those who are uninitiated into the enriching world of art viewing.

We are the first platform to democratize the art and collectibles buying process, while also empowering the makers and practitioners; the first platform with a completely transparent pricing and purchase process; and, the first platform to proactively help collectors re-sell their art. We are the first portal to bring on board galleries, stores, and dealers, critics and writers alike. We are the first platform that focuses on providing content to create greater awareness. We are the first art and design portal in the country to be backed by cutting-edge technology and data to drive a unique selection process.

Mojarto is focused on partnering with every art and collectible entity, in a multitude of ways. We are driving this participative action by connecting people through technology and by creating a world around art that everyone can relate to. We want everyone to be a part of this movement.

We are focussed on making Indian art and collectibles more accessible, We’re driven to create a marketplace that reflects our unique point of view, our heritage, our style, and we don’t stop until we get it right.